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How to Use Custom Domains with Github Pages

April 22, 2019websiteblogging

Hosting a project wiki or a personal blog on Github is very easy with github-pages and static site generators like Jekyll. You will end up with a site hosted on , if you’re happy with that then skip the rest of this article. If you want more or just curious about the steps then keep reading.

Quick and Free Way to Set Up Your App using Heroku

April 20, 2014websitedevops

I had a struck of inspiration earlier this week. I’ve always wanted to make this webapp that has been playing in my mind  for a while and I finally had some ideas to start on.  Of course, like any of my projects, the first thing I do is research. First in my list was a workflow to streamline development. It’s been a while since I modified my workflow and so I thought it was time for a change., A Simple URL Shortener

October 17, 2009utilitywebsite

It started with TinyURL, URL aliasing/shortening has become big business with similar sites growing out of the woodwork(See URL Shortening – History). With other unrelated services following the trend, like aliasing) and music), adding value to support our slowly growing twittering society.

What Browser?

October 10, 2009browserwebsite

Ever wondered what a browser truly is? Or know someone you’ve been trying to educate for a long time to use one? Ever met someone who keeps confusing a browser with a webpage? Are you still at hairs end trying to pick the best one? Don’t fret, Google comes to the rescue again.

OCR API on Google Docs(not yet)

September 30, 2009websitegoogleapi

Google API blog announced today, new features for their Documents List – Data APIs (DLDA) – one of which is Optical Character Recognition(OCR). To put it simpy, sending an image(with readable text) to a DLDA application, when OCR is enabled into the request, will equip the API to read the image and generate a properly editable document.

Project 10^100: The Voting Begins

September 25, 2009websitegoogle

Project 10^100 is a Google Project that transcends the information superhighway. It’s aim, simply, is to help – to help people so they can help others. How ? They promised to give 10 million dollars to fund any project that can improve peoples lives. But as funding is finite, they need to find the best ideas.

Picasa 3.5 comes with Face Recognition

September 24, 2009googlewebsiteimages

Google released Picasa 3.5 yesterday, with some cool features. In keeping with Picasa Web Albums enhancements,  Developers have added face recognition and geo tags to their photo-organizer-slash-jack-of-all-trades software.

NES on Javascript

September 21, 2009gamejavascriptwebsite

Here’s something amazing for Javascript, your good-ole  NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games are now available and playable via Ben Firshman’s JSNES page. JSNES, is an NES emulator built on javascript’s canvas objects.

XOXO Creativity

September 20, 2009websitefun

Here’s a good way to promote creativity and have fun at the same time. The rule is to draw as many things as your imagination can conjure up from X’s and O’s.

Resume on Youtube!

September 19, 2009websitevideo

Streaming Video giant, Youtube, recently announced a Resume feature along with other improvements for their groundbreaking service. (Cheers! claps! Bring in the beer! LOL).


September 19, 2009websitefun

Do you know how to send an SOS in morse code? Do you know your birthstone? Or the winners of the Oscars since 1927 ? has an assortment of trivia and topics not known by the most of us. As a bonus they have categories with games and puzzles you can play with when you catch a bit of an information overload.

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