NES on Javascript

September 21, 2009


Here’s something amazing for Javascript, your good-ole  NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games are now available and playable via Ben Firshman’s JSNES page. JSNES, is an NES emulator built on javascript’s canvas objects.

Mr. Firshman recommends to use Google’s Chrome browser to maximize your gaming pleasure. I tried it on IE8, it doesnt work as well. So take his word for it.

Aside from SMB(Super Mario Bros.), he also ported some old favorites like the Zelda, the banana maniac-Donkey Kong and the blaster wielding Megaman. 

Ben Firshman shows us that with a little programming acrobatics and some improvements to browser canvas objects, anything is possible. 
Enjoy peeps! 

Question: When can we start seeing 3D games running on browsers? Hehehe

By @codespud  
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