What Browser?

October 10, 2009


Ever wondered what a browser truly is? Or know someone you’ve been trying to educate for a long time to use one? Ever met someone who keeps confusing a browser with a webpage? Are you still at hairs end trying to pick the best one? Don’t fret, Google comes to the rescue again.

Built by “some folks from Google”, is a site dedicated to what we all would agree to be the most used application in any computer, “the Browser”. Any Operating System has it in some form or another(Anyone said Lynx(?). Companies battle it out for supremacy, sometimes even forcing their religion; I mean browser, down our throats. Whatever a browser is or where it came from, it paved the way for the information superhighway AKA The Internet. That is cause for celebration and dedicatory site, won’t you agree? is kind of timely if you think Oct 13 will be birthday no. 15 of the commercial browser. Imagine software, a teener! No wonder some people still gets confused (LOL).

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When you visit the site, you are presented a video. The video is a cute presentation of what a browser Is and what it is Not. It continues with what you can do with it(browser). Watch the video. It may amuse you and educate you a bit at the same time. Also opposite the video is the name of the browser you used to access the site, the user-agent. You can see that I use Chrome. I will admit that lacking plugins for Chrome was kind of a turn off at first, but with the release of the dev channel and it’s plugin support, I found myself doing more and more work with it, but thats a topic for another day.

Your user-agent may not be what you expect it to be,since some browsers enable you to change user agents. The site also has 3 more sections below the video, linking to other features/services. I especially like the “Under the hood” page. There you can subject your browser to some benchmarking tests. I’ll post a comprehensive post related to this tests later.


The site is a awesome idea. Maybe in the near future, the site will grow and provide even more tools to help us understand and make the most out of our “browsers”.

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