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Five common Javascript mistakes I am guilty of

February 02, 2023javascripterrorweb-development

Errors in code are normal. That is why we have a whole branch of the IT industry dedicated to quality assurance and testing. Javascript is the easiest programming language to learn, but it is also the easiest to get wrong. Javascript is a very forgiving programming language. As a result, Javascript code can be prone to errors.

Newbie's Guide to Learning Vue.js

January 14, 2023vuefrontendweb-development

Part of my new year resolution for 2023 is to learn at least 3 new front-end frameworks. One of these frameworks I intend to dive deeper into is Vue.js. Every time I want to learn something new I try to plan first. A very quick to-do list related to the subject. I know there’s a lot of great guides out there about Vue.js.

Programmer's New Year Resolution

December 31, 2022web-developmentpersonalfrontend

I am the most undisciplined person I know. I make resolutions every year - and every year - I fall short. But I am stubborn too. So this year, I have decided to be a better programmer and work on my journey in this blog. I am starting with my new year’s resolution as a front-end developer.

React Custom button: a study on accessibility

December 19, 2022web-developmentreactjsaccessibility

React and accessibility I love ReactJs. I learned late in my career as there were not a lot of opportunities to do so. When I finally found a suitable situation to explore ReactJs for a previous employer. I jumped on it and picked it up quickly. It was weird in the beginning but it became quite natural in the end. Now I mainly work with ReactJS in most of my projects.

Five simple steps to improve website accessibility

December 10, 2022web-developmenthtmlbest-practice

Accessibility is very important. It ensures that anything we make is available to a greater number of people. It is not just about people…

Working with Date and Time Input

December 09, 2022web-developmenthtmlbest-practice

I remember using JqueryUI’s datepicker. It was my go-to calendar widget in the past. It was great. I just drop an input box give it an “id” and then run a function. You get a great-looking calendar picker for your forms. It was a great bit of software engineering. I’ve used it in a lot of my old projects and clients were impressed.

Build an Accessible Tab Container

October 10, 2022web-developmentaccessibilitybest-practice

As part of the work I do for my employer, I analyze UI elements on our product to check if we need to re-engineer the component to improve…

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