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Using Container Queries to Make a News Layout

February 24, 2023csslayoutfrontend

Think of media queries as a bottle filled with different liquids that don’t mix, like oil and water. The shape and size of the container…

Automatically generate skip buttons to improve accessibility

February 17, 2023accessibilityjavascriptfrontend

Another common accessibility tool is the skip button. It comes in different forms. It would sometimes be smartly included in the design or hidden until needed.

CSS Snippets I Use 90% of The Time - Part 2

February 09, 2023csssnippetsUX

This is part 2 of CSS snippets I used 90% of the time post. As promised this is second part of CSS styles I commonly used with my projects. If you are going to think of a rule I’d say this is my 80/20 rule for CSS.

CSS Snippets I Use 90% of The Time - Part 1

January 28, 2023csssnippetsaccessibility

I have snippets of code I return to whenever I find patterns in a design. It is one of those efficiency hacks I’ve adopted as a programmer. I have quite a collection. Gathered working on websites in different industries. Although the size and theme of these websites vary, I can still count on some basic UI patterns.

Top three things to do for better keyboard and screenreader navigation

January 20, 2023accessibilityUXfrontend

Improving accessibility is an exercise in empathy. We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and imagine how we can do a specific task. Tasks like going up a flight of stairs, knowing when to cross a street, or how to consume a website.

Newbie's Guide to Learning Vue.js

January 14, 2023vuefrontendweb-development

Part of my new year resolution for 2023 is to learn at least 3 new front-end frameworks. One of these frameworks I intend to dive deeper into is Vue.js. Every time I want to learn something new I try to plan first. A very quick to-do list related to the subject. I know there’s a lot of great guides out there about Vue.js.

Fix accessibility using focus-within

January 08, 2023accessibilitycssfrontend

A few issues I found recently for clients were related to accessibility. A few perfectly working user interfaces were not keyboard accessible. Not because they are custom controls nor because the controls were not tabable.

Programmer's New Year Resolution

December 31, 2022web-developmentpersonalfrontend

I am the most undisciplined person I know. I make resolutions every year - and every year - I fall short. But I am stubborn too. So this year, I have decided to be a better programmer and work on my journey in this blog. I am starting with my new year’s resolution as a front-end developer.

How To Make A Timer/Stopwatch Using AngularJS

September 28, 2014frontendangularjsui

I’ve got some leeway pushing Khrunus off the ground.  I’ve always been successful using JavaScript’s timing functions but since Khrunus would primarily be built-in in AngularJS. I have to research a way to reuse my timing snippets into proper Angular code.  To study, I built a simple angular app:

Google got reCAPTCHA

September 19, 2009googlesecurityfrontend

Google announced recently in its official blog, that it has acquired reCAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is a web technology made out of necessity. It primarily is used to prevent BOTS (or automated apps designed to do malicious tasks) by adding an extra step to site pages that require human interaction.

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