Written by @codespud  chrisbautista

Use Export Command To Help Linux Find Your Scripts

September 25, 2009

You compiled and installed a linux binary or made a nifty script but you don’t want to mess the server bin tree. So you placed it in an isolated folder like so:


Picasa 3.5 comes with Face Recognition

September 24, 2009

Google released Picasa 3.5 yesterday, with some cool features. In keeping with Picasa Web Albums enhancements,  Developers have added face recognition and geo tags to their photo-organizer-slash-jack-of-all-trades software.


NES on Javascript

September 21, 2009

Here’s something amazing for Javascript, your good-ole  NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games are now available and playable via Ben Firshman’s JSNES page. JSNES, is an NES emulator built on javascript’s canvas objects.


XOXO Creativity

September 20, 2009

Here’s a good way to promote creativity and have fun at the same time. The rule is to draw as many things as your imagination can conjure up from X’s and O’s.


Resume on Youtube!

September 19, 2009

Streaming Video giant, Youtube, recently announced a Resume feature along with other improvements for their groundbreaking service. (Cheers! claps! Bring in the beer! LOL).