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Programmer's New Year Resolution

December 31, 2022web-developmentpersonalfrontend

I am the most undisciplined person I know. I make resolutions every year - and every year - I fall short. But I am stubborn too. So this year, I have decided to be a better programmer and work on my journey in this blog. I am starting with my new year’s resolution as a front-end developer.

Updated list of Verified Relief Centers

September 28, 2009personal

Here’s another repost.A list of verified in-kind drop off points for Ondoy victims relief operations. Includes what they need and who to contact.

Google Ondoy Help Page

September 28, 2009personal

Updates: Helping Victims of Tropical Storm Google joins the Filipino nation in helping those affected by Typhoon Ondoy! I am reposting the info here if you have time please check the actual google page.

Updates on Ondoy: Places to donate – Efforts by bloggers

September 28, 2009personal

A call for help. If you are able, please donate whatever you can spare to the victims of Ondoy(Ketsana). I collected some details of donation centers and numbers but it pales in comparison to what other bloggers were able to post.

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