Surf : Biggest Fan

March 02, 2015

Surf : Biggest Fan

Surf, in celebration of it’s anniversary, is thanking it’s customers with “American Idol”-ish contest. Participants are asked to send in a story, a photo or a video telling Surf why they are Surf’s biggest fan.

Are you Surf’s Biggest Fan? Then prove it! tell us with a story, a photo or a video

Clients screens each entry and successful participants are notified via phone and email.

Art Direction:John Pabalan, Lowe Philippines

Accounts:Katrina Nadela, Dea Bobadilla

Comments/My Role:

Facebook enabled contest. Added interactivity and animation keeping in mind the subtle and delicate atmosphere brought out by the design. Used API to store entries. Stakeholders review the entries using a custom admin page.

**Backend: **PHP, MySQL, Facebook API, Filepicker IO

Frontend:HTML, Javascript, JQuery

Source: Click here

Demo: Click here


Written by @codespud  chrisbautista