Plana Forma

August 13, 2014

Plana Forma

The Plana FORMA App allows you to schedule and register for classes at the Plana FORMA studios of your choice. You can also view promos and announcements.

Plana FORMA™ created by Julie Alagde, draws inspiration from her extensive experiences in dance, pilates, yoga, sports and Physique 57 to come up with one highly effective and dynamic workout that is highly addicting, fun, intense and challenging to the core

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Art Direction by: Noel Perlas

My Role:

Hybrid mobile development using Jquery-Mobile and Cordova (formerly Phonegap). REST services built in PHP to access Mindbody Online API (

User Interface:

HTML5, Jquery-Mobile, Cordova


PHP, SOAP client to mindbodyonline API


Written by @codespud  chrisbautista