Go Nuts : Constructables

August 28, 2014

Go Nuts : Constructables

Go Nuts Donuts - ConstrucTables are tables up-cycled for fun and utility:

  1. The Bike Table: Bike tables let you have your donut and burn calories too with its reconfigured pedals from old bicycles and a calorie counter to track what you’ve burned.
  2. The Drum Table: Record your own beats while eating your donut! This table makes our customers a sound machine and uploads all the recordings to SoundCloud.
  3. The Charge Table: Eat your donut while charging your phone: sit comfortably, connect your phone and pedal.

Art Direction: John Pabalan, Lowe - Creatives

Website collaborated with: Ena Escanan , Lowe - Creative Technology

My Role:

Technical consultant for integrating Arduino to the projects. Built and programmed an Arduino kit with an audio and network shield to record and upload files to server.

Coded Xively API support and REST API support

Bike Table

Hardware: Arduino Due, Audio Shield, Wifi Shield

Server: Apache,PHP, HTTP PUT processing

Charge Table

Hardware: Arduino Due, Sensor Shield

Server: Xively polling, PHP


Written by @codespud  chrisbautista