Use Export Command To Help Linux Find Your Scripts

Level: Beginner, Intermediate Yeah your a rockstar! You compiled and installed a linux binary or made a nifty script but you don’t want to mess the server bin tree. So you placed it in an isolated folder like so: /usr/local/myscripts/really/great/work/bin/myutility You go on with business as usual. But soon you got tired of typing the […]

About Me

Hi! I’m Chris Bautista. I’m a veteran programmer, addicted gamer, clueless photographer and novice writer. This blog is mostly about family , friends, programming, internet culture and everything in between. This is my way of learning and sharing as well. Please feel free to use the Tag Cloud at the left and/or the Updates bar […]

Picasa 3.5 comes with Face Recognition .. With name tags, you can organize your photos based on what matters most: the people in them I love Picasa. I organize , upload, retouch pictures with it and recently, with its moviemaker functions, made a nice music video(?) for my Girl. Google released Picasa 3.5 yesterday, with some cool features. In keeping […]

NES on Javascript Here’s something amazing for Javascript, your good-ole  NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games are now available and playable via Ben Firshman’s JSNES page. JSNES, is an NES emulator built on javascript’s canvas objects. Mr. Firshman recommends to use Google’s Chrome browser to maximize your gaming pleasure. I tried it on IE8, it doesnt work as […]

Google got reCAPTCHA

Google announced recently in its official blog, that it has acquired reCAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is a web technology made out of necessity. It primarily is used to prevent BOTS (or automated apps designed to do malicious tasks) by adding an extra step to site pages that require human interaction. Yes, they’re the annoying barely readable text […]

M I STUPID? Do you know how to send an SOS in morse code? Do you know your birthstone? Or the winners of the Oscars since 1927 ? has an assortment of trivia and topics not known by the most of us. As a bonus they have categories with games and puzzles you can play with […]

How to Write a Backup Shell Script using Tar and Gnu Zip

Happy New Year! As promised I made a rudimentary Linux shell script utilizing the tar and gzip commands to archive or make backups. If you’re new to shell scripting you might like to read this articles. If you’re lazy like I am. Don’t worry I’ll explain parts of the code. Our goal is to […]