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Hi! I’m Chris Bautista. I’m a veteran programmer, addicted gamer, clueless photographer and novice writer. This blog is mostly about family , friends, programming, internet culture and everything in between. This is my way of learning and sharing as well. Please feel free to use the Tag Cloud at the left and/or the Updates bar […]

Picasa 3.5 comes with Face Recognition

http://picasa-readme.blogspot.com/ .. With name tags, you can organize your photos based on what matters most: the people in them I love Picasa. I organize , upload, retouch pictures with it and recently, with its moviemaker functions, made a nice music video(?) for my Girl. Google released Picasa 3.5 yesterday, with some cool features. In keeping […]


http://mistupid.com/contents.htm Do you know how to send an SOS in morse code? Do you know your birthstone? Or the winners of the Oscars since 1927 ? MIStupid.com has an assortment of trivia and topics not known by the most of us. As a bonus they have categories with games and puzzles you can play with […]