Hi! I’m Codespud.  A programmer specializing in web development. I’ve been doing this for more than a decade. I began as a junior web developer, coding websites for a local ISP. Then got a stint as a integrations programmer. That people is a fancy way of saying “We get one product to work with one product and slowly spam that into the fabric of your business process”. Integrations comes in many forms but what I actually did was I made a couple of web interfaces for embedded products my employer would eventually sell to their clients.  Then a good friend invited me to join him start a company. Building a company from scratch is hard work. I managed the development side of the company while my partners handle the business side. I managed a group of talented programmers during this period. Without perseverance and hard work, we would not have lasted 7 years.  Then, a client offered to buy our services permanently.  So I moved from making web applications for telcos into making web applications and games for marketing. Working for an advertising firm is refreshing and very educational. I learned some design concepts like typography and balance.  Although, it was enjoyable working for such wonderful companies – I had to give that up and face the challenges of moving abroad and starting from scratch.  It’s harder because I no longer have the edge of a great professional reputation and network of people in my field. Starting from scratch is no picnic but I’m enjoying myself slowly building my life in my new home.

Well that’s the story so far… Cheers!

What I do

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Software Development or Integration
  • Github user (github.com/chrisbautista)
  • A Constant Student (I still try to learn what I can mostly online – but I’m checking a local University for part-time studies)
  • Video Gamer (Console mostly – I use to have a wicked Druid build in Diablo II)
  • Amateur Cook ( my wife doesn’t complain)
  • Voracious Eater(I’ll pretty much eat anything you put in front of me)
  • Clickpotato
  • I run. I try to run regularly. I love that Vancouver is so runner-friendly not to mention beautiful.

Mission Statement

  1. Family first. Be an example of integrity, discipline and perseverance. Never lie to them. Hug them everyday. Pour your heart into your cooking. Tell them how much you love them. Say thank you.
  2. Be professional and courteous. Learn at least one thing everyday, and pursue my passions with a goal in mind. never settling for less than my best.  Keep your cool, there will always be haters.
  3. Good health is the best gift I give to myself. Never eat junk food and soda. Run everyday. Meditate at least 10 mins a day. Time with your family is the best RnR
  4. Breathe.

About the site

This blog is me finally taking ownership of my life as a programmer. As the posts grow so will I. Grow as a programmer as well as a writer of sorts.  This will also be a place to share what I’ve learned working as a programmer/web developer. The site is divided into 2 main sections my portfolio (work) and my rants(blog). Do check them out.  I do love challenges so if you have a topic I can help with post it as a comment or email me at christopher.bautista at gmail.com. I am also in social media so checkout the links below.