About Me

Hi! I’m Chris Bautista. I’m a veteran programmer, addicted gamer, clueless photographer and novice writer.

This blog is mostly about family , friends, programming, internet culture and everything in between. This is my way of learning and sharing as well. Please feel free to use the Tag Cloud at the left and/or the Updates bar above to pick out articles that interests you. I do love challenges so if you have a topic I can help with post it as a comment or email me at christopher.bautista at gmail.com.

What I do
  • Applications Development Manager, GlobalsoftPH Co.
  • Web designer
  • Video Gamer (Console mostly and some coin-ops)
  • Cook (Trying to be a Chef)
  • Voracious Eater
  • Clickpotato


  1. tams says:

    Hi Chris! Congrats for having your own blog. Now what do you have in mind? Got some suggestions, but pm me for it. 😉

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